You’re Both Going to Be Issued a Swift Spanking Punishment (FULL HD)



I can’t believe I have to deal with this. What were you doing… running around our swimming pool against all the rules?? You know you’re not supposed to be playing tag near the pool! Now, my Melissa has gotten hurt and you’ll both have to be punished for your misbehavior. I’m going to have to scold you… gently of course… explain just what you did wrong and why you’ll have to be disciplined. Oh, we could call your step-mom and let her know what happened… but I imagine she’d be VERY disappointed in you and consent to my punishing you myself anyway. So, I’m going to give you and Melissa BOTH 30 bare-bottom spankings to make sure you’ve learned your lesson before anyone gets hurt even worse… and we’ll just keep this between us without having to get your parents involved. Now, I believe you understand the situation, and I’m going to carry you upstairs and put you two in separate rooms. I’ll issue Melissa’s spanks first and you may hear them through the door; you’ll know yours are coming soon. When it’s your turn, I’ll pull down your wet bathing suit and bend you over my lap. No use in trying to talk me out of it. And I can’t blame you if I find you have a bit of an erection… I’m in a bikini after all and I’m not your own step-mom sitting you on my lap, holding you, and explaining what you’ve done wrong. After you’re punished, I’ll be sure you fully understand how much I care about you and I want you to be able to come over and play with Melissa whenever you like.

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