Dangerous in Pink (FULL HD)



I couldn’t believe I was dragged to this new department store to look at GIRLY clothes. Ew! That’s not at all my style. I’m shy, quiet, coy… so “plain Jane” and not at all into frilly, prissy, SEXY, girly stuff. Yuck! I just wanted to run. I would never be able to show my body to the world or bare my skin to the public. Slutty! Oh, but I wasn’t allowed to leave until I tried something on, so I relented and grabbed the first reasonable thing I spotted. I do like pink after all… a bit. It wouldn’t hurt to just try on something that goes UNDER my clothes anyway… as long as I don’t have to walk out into the store to model it! But… well… when I actually put it on, actually figured out how to wear the darn itty bitty thing… I just… felt… different. I felt SEXY. I felt confident. I just wasn’t myself anymore. It was like my skin was crawly, I was just ITCHING to get off… to show off… to be with the first guy I spotted. Was it you?? I just completely transformed into a different woman: a show-off valley girl who was seriously horny!

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