It’s Time to Set My Overdeveloped StepSon Straight on the Seriousness of His Condition (FULL HD)




Honey… it’s time for a very serious discussion. I think it’s more than necessary. I don’t think you understand the real seriousness of your… your CONDITION. Honey, having to be afflicted with such an enormous… with such a gigantic… with an OVERDEVELOPED PENIS, well, it’s a huge responsibility – for both of us. Need I remind you what we’ve been through together, how many times a day (or night!) you need me to help relieve you, how much stress and strain your overactive testicles place on your poor stepmom?? Honey, you just can’t seriously be considering going on a DATE! I mean… what will you do if IT happens when I’m not there for you to empty your load into?? See… it’s happening right NOW! Right NOW, your erection is growing to obscene proportions, and you’re merely talking to your own stepmother! Stick it in my mouth, honey! NOW!!! One of these days, I would like to be able to get through a single discussion with you without having to help you release all that potentially fatal pressure at least four times! Now, honey, if you won’t let me chaperone you two tonight, I’m just going to have to show you what might happen – what that GIRL may try on you – so that you’re prepared and you know to come running straight home to your stepmom and put it in my mouth before something terrible happens to you!

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