Sablique – Home Rental with Beta Ratings



Sablique has been doing amazing with her new rental. SHE IS BOOKED OUT THE REST OF THE MONTH! The money just keeps piling in. All her clients have been leaving good reviews for the most part. Slave Fluffy is so nervous hearing her read through them. He knows if there are any complaints that it’s his fault and he will be punished. He must have been guzzling a lot because one of the reviews says best cum dumpster beta.!!!! Many of them think he is the greatest beta. He keeps getting 5 stars! He has been putting in so much work.

“BETA BITCH, best at serving. Can fit anywhere and anything can fit in beta”


If it weren’t for Sabliques great idea for this Airbnb then his life would suck and he would just be a begging beta on the street waiting for a purpose.