BP – Pup Cup Humiliated by Mean Brats ORAL FEEDING AND SPIT



This is the ultimate humiliation clip. Features 5 hot doms. Some familiar faces and some new. And they are intimidating as hell! Slave Pup Cup is such a little nerd. It’s so easy and fun to humiliate him. The girls always make him bark. ITS hilarious. And kinda cute! The girls take turns slapping him in the face. Sometimes it seems like he enjoys being made fun of. So, they have to remind him its not about happiness. It’s about theirs. We have special BP cookies. They are so yummy. After eating their spit all day, they decide to give him a little bit of a cookie. So it’ll hold him over til the next spit session. They chew their cookies and spit them in his face and mouth. He must eat it. He knows this is the only real food he will get for a while. I wonder how he likes spitty chewed up cookies?!!!!!