Hannah – Innocent Foot Worship Curiosity



Princes Hannah is fairly new to the sorority. She has been getting the scoop about how her friends have boys who kiss, clean and worship their feet. She has seen the videos. She wants to maybe try it. She approaches it slowly. Not knowing. They are both nervous. But deep down, Hannah has a dominant side. She talks about it with her loser friend. And he knows he is the beta in the situation and just wants to do whatever will make her happy. ( AS HE SHOULD. ) He starts with simple kisses and then works up to cleaning the parts that are dirty. In no time, Hannah falls in love with the feeling. Knowing she is above him and he worships her. She makes him feel at ease about it because all he wants to do is please her. He takes time licking the soles, the heals and sucking each toe. She always knew he was such a good friend.