May – Pretty Girl Uses Simps Teeth and Tongue to Scrape Grime off Bottom of Shoes



Slave pup cup is completely humiliated and used in this clip. Mistress May wore a pair of heels up and down B street in New Orleans during dom con. The soles got really dirty. Caked in dirt and grime. She decides to use Pup Cup to clean them. His tongue is first used to get the loose dirt and to loosen the grime stuck in the treads of her hot girl heel. She then makes use of the simps teeth. Both uppers and lowers are used to scrape the dirt clean. SHe makes pup cup to keep his eyes open and to look into her eyes as she objectifies him and turns him into a shoe cleaner. The heels were FILTHY! May really wanted to clean them using Pup CUps mouth, toungue and teeth. “Look at me while I use your mouth!” His tongue is blackened and the dirt eventually comes off. Probably the sexiest heel cleaning clip ever!