High-Speed Masturbation Marathon: Nylonic Edition (FULL HD)




Can you handle it? No, I’m SERIOUS. My metronome almost broke you last time… and this time, well, it’s practically HAUNTED! Yes, I admit it. It’s frightening. My “magic metronome” appears to have a mind of it’s own. Well, it’s actually just interpreting what it knows I’m already thinking. The metronome out of sight, it’s only my teasing, sexy body that will energize you and your adamant strokes all along the way, from start to finish during this life-changing marathon. Just how susceptible are you to truly serious tease?? The magic of the moment doesn’t only create spontaneous, seemingly random switch-ups of your pace as you hear my metronome dictate your jerk rate; it also magically places me in one position or another, one terribly hot pose or another, right before your adoring eyes. I’m laying it on thick… bringing you to the brink… and we’re both going to get all worn out together as we peak just before I finally give you permission to come. Exhausted and spent… oh, you’re going to remember this feat of stamina, this crescendo of pleasure, for the rest of your life!

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