Dirty Boys Get Dirty Punishment (FULL HD)



You’ve watched me peel off my sexy top. You’ve watched me unstrap my high heels. You’ve watched me slip out of my mini skirt and unfasten my bra. You’ve watched me strip down to completely naked, hop in the shower, towel dry myself off… all while I didn’t even realize it. And I’m your step-mother. You KNOW you’re not supposed to watch your step-mother. You know you’re definitely not supposed to touch yourself while you look at me. But I still have to remind you. “No touching! Sit on your hands! …and you can stay.” You watch me spread creamy lotion all over my naked body. You listen to me tell you all about my date and just what happened. But you had to touch yourself. You know that’s not allowed! So, you’re banished to chastity; you’re made to strap on your chastity belt so you can remain in the bathroom watching your step-mother, listening to every word, witnessing every sight… all in agony as I find myself getting more and more turned on as I fully enjoy teasing and tormenting you. Poor thing. All locked up, can’t even touch it, and step-mommy’s driving you crazy with desire.

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