Ava Rowen and May – Bullying and Smothering Bound Beta



This clip is super sexy!!!

The girls bully and torment this beta bitch. They wrapped him to the smother bench with saran wrap. Its not possible for him to escape! Plus he is in chastity so he is really helpless. They shake his chastity key in his face. They taunt him with how sexy they are. They put their ass in his face and smother him. They tell him all about how they are going to take all his money and leave him with nothing. Just strapped to the bench while they are out spending every last dime. He feels Mays fingers rub across his chastity cage. He wishes he was free. To jerk, to cum, to be a real man. But the girls won’t ever allow that to happen. They dominate him. He has no say in anything.