Your Last Load


I hate to break it to you, but you’ve been scheduled for.. elimination. You see, you had one job – to produce semen in our milking machines. However, as of lately your loads are well, inadequate. You know, we have to maintain high production and the milking machines could be used for a more productive subject so, it’s been decided that you need to be completely removed from the gene pool. Don’t worry however, we’ve decided that because of your lengthy service you’ll be granted one final orgasm.

You know, I really do enjoy this job. Every week there are at least a few of you who start producing less and well, we can’t have these spots in the milking pens going to waste can we? No, so I’m the one who gets to break the news and then lead you to your last moment on this earth. It really is such a turn on to get to watch your desperation as you realize you’re being completely discarded after being used. I just love seeing the light leave your eyes as you struggle, engulfed in fear at your ultimate demise. But I won’t make it that horrible. Maybe I’ll just press you under my tits until you’re gone, wouldn’t that be such a good way to go?

Get down on your knees and pray to me, and maybe I’ll make your last few moments enjoyable.