Pressing Jolene Hexx – UltraHD (MP4)


Goddess Rapture is known for her overhead presses, having done both too many a lady including Riley Rose and Dez Desire. Jolene Hexx has come by for her turn to feel Rapture’s power. Jolene is expecting a light and fun lift & carry experience, but Rapture has other things in mind.
From the very first lift, Rapture is aggressive; not giving Jolene a chance to get ready before grabbing her in a tight bear hug.Rapture squeezes Jolene tight, lifting her off the floor in the process. Jolene struggles to breathe as her feet dangle in the air.
Rapture proceeds to lift Jolene however she wants to. She lays on the floor, tells Jolene to lie on top of her, then bench presses her with ease. Jolene doesn’t get a break, and when she tries to run off set, Rapture grabs her and drags her back in. OTS, piggyback, cradles are just some of the lifts Jolene is subject to, all leading up to the grand finale.
Rapture summons an already defeated Jolene over to her, and tells her to make her body stiff as soon as her feet are off the ground. Rapture proceeds to overhead press Jolene not once, but two times, locking her arms out and holding Jolene in place above her head, once again showing the world what a true Muscle Goddess she is.