Paddle And Bathbrush Discipline



Paddle And Bathbrush Discipline is the second part of the Lady Jose video, “ Man Gets Punished For Flirting With The Waitresses ”.

Lady Jose is angry at Peaches’ disgraceful behavior in the restaurant, and it unsatisfied with just one spanking, so she decides to continue the lesson.

She drags his sopping wet ass out of the shower. Because he was drooling at the sight of the waitress, she says “I’m not done with you yet”. She gives him a good, solid mouth soaping. He chokes and sputters on it, but she orders him to open his mouth and stick out his tongue. He feels he has no choice but to obey.

She drags him by the ear into the bedroom, grabs a wooden paddle, and takes him over her solid lap, saying “We’re not finished yet, at all!”

With no warm up, she starts out with hard, rapid fire spanks. Peaches suffering is immediate and intense!

Lady Jose paddles Peaches’ still wet bottom with a bathbrush until he is in pure pain. She communicates her displeasure with him in no uncertain terms, and paints his bubble butt fire engine red!