Lexi Unlaced – FLR First Date – I Make the Rules



Lexi Unlaced went out on a first date with Ezra! They seemed to have kicked it off. You can already tell he is such a simp! Lexi tells him everything she is looking for in a boyfriend. Obviously, it has to be traditional. Boy works, girl stays home and does whatever she wants. That’s the only logical way. He agrees. Its hard for him to disagree when he has this beautiful hot girl talking about their future together. They agree. SHE WILL BE BOSS and he will do whatever she says. She asks him if he likes to suck toes. He is hesitant and not really sure how to answer. He looks down and sees her beautiful feet and automatically is curious. He slowly starts kissing and sucking them. He is falling in love. They taste so good and are a little sweaty and soft and perfect. This is definitely a task he will have to get used to doing. This is totally a female lead relationship. ( FLR )

More FLR clips coming out soon! ENJOY.