Celeste, The senior attorney from next door comes in to see exactly what it is that we do and asks Persephone to show her some holds. Celeste being very skeptical tells Persephone that she can probably escape any hold she puts her in. Persephone obliges and puts her in a side pin and sits on her chest to see if the senior attorney can escape the hold. The next day the attorney returns looking for Persephone but this time the only person in the studio is Sasha Scissors. Celeste tells Sasha she can escape any hold that she can put her in and Sasha applies her favorite holds of body triangle, bodyscissors, schoolgirl pin, and side pin. Sasha even lets Celeste put her in some holds and escapes with ease. This is a sobering lesson for the senior attorney, being totally dominated by Sasha. The first 5 minutes of this clip feature Persephone and the remainder feature Sasha.