Dominated By My Step Sister


Princess Hannah is really enjoying being her step-brothers key-holder. He is soooo stupid for falling into her chastity trap, but Hannah doesn’t feel ANY remorse! Hannah KNOWS how hot she is, and believes that she deserves a very expensive and LAVISH life. Her ugly beta step-brother is trying his best to earn his way out of chastity by doing anything and everything that Princess Hannah commands. After completing its long list of chores, Princess Hannah insists that her beta step-brother clean her feet with its MOUTH!

Hahahaha She thinks it’s sooooo humiliating and DEGRADING for him to worship her feet. She really wants to ruin his life, because she totally feels like he is ruining hers by living in her house!!!! Hannah explains the she is even thinking of telling EVERYONE at school how he licks her feet like a LOSER! Hahahah Princess Hannah LOATHS this loser, and is doing whatever she can to humiliate it and make its life a living hell! She makes her beta bitch choke on her perfectly pedicured toes while continuing to verbally torment it. It must be hard for this loser to be dominated by his YOUNGER & HOTTER step-sister….

Especially when its chastity keys are dangling in its face while worshiping her feet! Hahahahaha

– Princess Amber

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